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SprintDesign® is a provider of custom designed Cycling and Tri gear, are based in Western Australia and have a highly skilled team of innovative designers who create our exciting and unique designs. Our mission is to provide premium quality garments, individually designed artwork, superior service and products at as affordable a price as possible.

Velo City

Wheelchair Sports

Bicycling Australia

Bicycling WA

Czech Active Tours

Kate Bevilaqua

Australian Red Cross

Velo City West Australian Cycling Culture
Velo-City is a book by Deb Mayrhofer that reveal the fascinating cycling sub-cultures of the West. Intrepid tourers; social riders; hardy commuters; track stars; off-road daredevils; polo players; couriers; and cops on bikes.
They are defined by their diversity, but united by their passion. Their stories will inspire and entertain you – and most importantly, make you want to keep pedalling.
Buy it from the SprintDesign shop at SprintDesign PO Box 4003 Coolbellup WA, 6163 or from one of Perth's many Bike Shops
Wheelchair Sports
SprintDesign® are proud to support WHEELCHAIR SPORTS WA - with gear for handcycling, basketball and rugby and other custom designed gear such as hoodies, polo shirts and tees - they are amazing athletes, you should see them go - check out the website for their calendar of events and get along to see some of their events, they really are awesome!
Bicycling Australia
"Bicycling Australia company vision is to enhance all aspects of cycling by providing events and information for both trade and consumers. Everything our team does must be of the highest quality and integrity"
Bicycling Western Australia
SprintDesign® are proud to support Bicycling WA - through the provision of the "Event Award Jerseys" at their Cyclo Sportif events ... Cyclo Sportif is a club for serious recreational cyclists looking for knowledge, fun and riding challenges to improve fitness levels and cycling capability in an organised, friendly and safe event environment. Cyclo Sportif offers this by providing members with "timed team participation" and "Gran-Fondo" style individual events.
Chek Active Tours
"founded by Ludvik Grec, a Czech citizen, and his American wife, Laura Perry. As a Czech-American company, they are able to provide the best of both "worlds": extensive knowledge of European and specifically Czech culture and countryside, along with the superior service and professionalism that many travellers expect"
SprintDesign® are proud to support Kate Bevilaqua, Perth Professional Ironman Tri athlete - SprintDesign® supply training and event gear for "home" and "away" events, as well as "Team Bevilaqua" tees - YAY! Go Kate!
SprintDesign® are proud to support the Australian Red Cross through gear for a rather incredible fundraising ride by a Danish man, Erik Straarup. Erik rode a record breaking bike ride across Australia, starting from the Bell Tower in Perth at the end of March 2008. Check out his website for more info ... Erik completed the trip in 51 days and 47 minutes and covered 14,611km
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